Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Mita Ysabel Mangila Ponce

April 8, 2010 wasn't really my schedule to give birth to our baby, but since I was already having contractions every 8 minutes, my OB-Gyne decided to make an emergency CS.

Initially, my husband and I decided, April 20 will be the date, since I'm on C-section, we have the option to choose the birth date for our baby. Our OB agreed with the date but reminded me that I shouldn't go on labor on any dates prior to April 20, it's (I think) a no-no to go on labor if a CS procedure will be done on pregnant women.

I went to my OB's clinic on April 8 just for a check up but my OB sensed a regular contraction, meaning it was just time for me to bring out Mita Ysabel Mangila Ponce to this wonderful world.After an hour or so a baby girl now completes our family, my husband Lem, myself and our son Leon, gladly welcomed Maia to the family.

Thanks to all, our family, relatives and friends who likewise welcomed Maia and congratulated us for our baby girl.

Thanks also to the One up there who blessed us with another angel. Now we have two :)

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