Friday, April 2, 2010

Spice of Life

Early this year, Haribon Foundation, the organization I am with, conducted various orientations for the employees. One is the Wellness Orientation in which we invited speakers from PhilCare (formerly PhilamCare) and the Philippine National Red Cross.

Orientation with PhilCare is regular in such a way that they come to us annually to give us orientations on various topics, this year topic is on the most common infectious diseases. Which is good because the nature of work in Haribon entails working with communities and network. As the saying goes, Prevention is better than Cure.

While with the PNRC, this is our first time. We invited our members to join in the orientation, although only few came. After the orientation, we were all one in having a blood letting activity in Haribon, which will be open to employees and their family, Haribon members, networks and partners.

Learning about the activity, DENR-MIMAROPA which occupies the 3rd & 4th floor of the building we are in, decided to join forces with us for a bigger number of donors. Finally, we were set on March 11, 2010 for the blood letting activity, held at the conference room or DENR (which is bigger than ours).
Even before we had the activity, I, personally was open to donating blood, it is quite unfortunate because every time I try donating, I get rejected because of low red blood cells composition (????). For this year, I can't again, because I am on the family way :(.

What I did was talk to my husband to donate blood - as per the PNRC, any family member who donates blood can request for blood for any family member who needs one. At first, maybe he was thinking I wasn't serious, said yes. From the period of orientation until the date was set, I kept on reminding him of the schedule, he just dismisses me all the time. Thinking again, he can get away with it.

Until finally, it was the week of the activity. The donation was on a Thursday. Monday of that week, I again reminded him, now, realizing that I'm serious, he was giving me alibis such as it's number coding day and that he will be weak going to work (I told him to come with me to the office so he can be the first one to donate, then he can go to work afterwards). Tuesday, his alibi was that he was scheduled for a work out on Thursday (which he normally does, to be able to bring the car before the number coding time schedule). On both days, I was the one dismissing his alibis. Wednesday, I again reminded him. I made it through a phone call to his office. I told him that donating blood is beneficial not just to him but to us, his family, his parents and my mom - when such time comes that we will be needing blood transfusion, having a record, he can request for us. I even got to the point of reminding him that I'm due to give birth soon and might need some blood if matters comes worse.

I guess, I was able to put some senses on him, that he decided to donate but still with some inhibitions. During the conversation, issues of needles and blood came out - that was the real reason why he wasn't really into donating blood.
My husband, by the way becomes weak at the sight of blood and needles...notably common to the male species...sorry to say though.

An office mate of his, who was already a donor, overheard (I guess) our conversation, offered that she be enlisted in our activity. Making it more difficult for my husband to back out, as his office mate will be traveling all the way from their office to ours to donate while he wont.

Thursday came, my husband arrived after lunch for his turn to donate blood. I came along, not just to give him moral support but to see if he'll get weak at the sight of his blood and the needle. --- he didn't, but still managed to mention to me that he donated 450cc of blood and that it was too much for him :D.

Just recently, I had to go on some laboratory test in relation to my pregnancy, which entails extraction of blood. While in the hospital, waiting for my turn, my husband mentioned that for him, it wasn't really fun going to hospitals and working there for that matter. The conversation made me smile. I'm the opposite, as my dream back then was to be a doctor.

Funny though because we are exactly the opposite when in comes to situations like this but these are personal identities which makes us love each other more, makes us appreciate the importance of each one of us. Makes us realize that despite being married to each other and 2 people becomes 1, we still hold on to who we really are - giving spice to our life.

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