Friday, April 2, 2010

Second Baby coming out soon

March 30, 2010 was my scheduled visit with my OB. Since I'm already on my 35th week and 3 days, we discussed the possibility of scheduling my delivery on the 20th of April since I'm on c-section.

While doing the regular check-up on my tummy, my OB mentioned about not reaching the desired date. As she sees it, my tummy's quite low a
lready, she suggested for us to get an earlier date just in case. While on our way out of the clinic, me and my husband decided that we schedule it on the 15th of April, the latest. So, on my next check-up, which is on the 10th of April, we'll tell my OB that I'm ready to be opened on the 15th, hoping only that I won't experience labor pains before that date.

Anyway, with barely 2 weeks to go, both me a
nd my husband are getting more and more excited about the coming of our second baby. Leon, our first-born is already 3 years old and he too is quite ready as he's already accepted that he'll be a "kuya" soon...sometimes telling me that he'll help me prepare the baby's milk (which is still far-fetched at the moment because I'll be breastfeeding the baby just like what I did with Leon) or change the nappies...cute! Although there are still times when he tells us that he's still our baby :)

Since all of Leon's baby stuff can still be used by the baby, there are still a few stuff to buy though. I've received a nursing pillow from my office friends, given to me during the baby shower with a free pack of small-sized baby nappies. A close friend gave me a stuffed dolphin also for the baby. She gave Leon then a stuffed dog.

Today, we're off to buy the following:

1. Feeding bottle nipples for new born - just to be ready, I'll do breastfeeding though
2. Diapers for new born
3. Bedding with mosquito net
4. Cloth diapers - we want the baby to have his/her own set of these.
5. Baby bag - though Leon's bag is still good, Daddy M wants the baby have his/her own as well.

I've asked the nanny to wash all baby stuff and are now ready to use. Plus the above additional, we're all set to welcome our second child to this wonderful world.

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