Friday, April 2, 2010

Leon's first

Last March 27, 2010 was the wedding of our friend Djop to his girlfriend Gaile. Both are my office mates and friends but Djop is more our friend since we started in Haribon almost at the same time. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, in UP Los Banos, Laguna, while the reception was at the Sarimanok Ballroom of the Art Center, also in UPLB.

I was supposed to be the wedding coordinator, unfortunately because of my condition, both parties decided not to. Beside, I guess, it will be difficult with me as our son Leon is one of the flower boys. His first time as a member of a wedding entourage.

Me and my husband was already having a difficult time making him wear a barong and black pants, we were thinking, what more making him march the aisle. Leon has only turned 3 also this March, for us, he was still a baby.

On the wedding day, it was still difficult to make him wear the barong and black pants, we were just fortunate that another officemate's son, who was also a flower boy, helped a bit in convincing Leon to wear the attire. My husband, had to wear his barong as well just to make sure that Leon will wear his - like father like son thing.

We overestimated our son though, come marching time even though it wasn't his time yet to march, he walked down the aisle when he saw the other kids marching.

With his beautiful "trade-mark" smile, our 3-year old Leon, came marching confidently down the aisle. Looking at him, made me quite teary-eyed...he was just a baby I was cuddling, now he's already had his first march as flower boy. I'm so proud of my Leon!

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