Monday, July 5, 2010

Breastfeeding Maia

Just like what I did with our eldest child, I do breastfeed our daughter Maia. I am aware though that each child differs in terms of their growth pattern. But as far as it goes, Maia grows almost the same as his elder brother's when he was her age. Now she has the lines in her wrists and legs that marks the weight she gains as the days go by.

I've been breastfeeding Maia since day 1 and although I've gone back to work, I still make it a point to go home for lunch to feed her as well as try my best to go home after an 8-hour job in time for her afternoon feeding. But she's now on mixed feed
ing, which means she also takes in formula milk.

A few weeks before I reported back to work, I slowly introduced formula milk to her. Initially, she disliked it. Even when she's hungry and as long as she feels my presence she won't take in the formula milk. Until I went back to work, missing her "natural milk" during feeding time was the only time that she opted to drink the formula milk.

We've decided to give her the same milk we fed Leon during his infant stage. So far, it's doing well with her and her tummy.

I must admit that mixing formula milk with mother's natural milk can be a factor to the child's weight gain. I've seen this with our son and now with our daughter. But the child's ability to fight common colds and the likes is solely attributed to the mom's milk.

I am at awe when I get to hear mothers who does not breastfeed their child. Reasons such as the pain they experience when they breastfeed or the awkwardness they feel during the act are just so petty as compared to the benefits it brings to the child.

Nowadays, breastfeeding is not only beneficial to the child, mother's as well benefits from it. Current studies tells us the mother's who are into breastfeeding will likely to have lesser chance to having breast cancer.

If only I can bring Maia to my workplace to make sure that I continue breastfeeding her, I would. I'm just so grateful that my workplace is just walking distance from our house, thus I am able to go home to give Maia the nourishment she deserves.

Given the chance I am really encouraging all mothers out there to breastfeed your child. Aside from giving nourishment to our children, the bond that develops from it is another good reason why breastfeeding is important.

To those who are still thinking about it, give it a try, submit yourself, it is still part of giving life to our children. And to those who is into it, Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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Vien said...

I agree with you Yas on this, 200%! I breastfed Eman for 2years (pure breastfeeding) before I went back to being employed 2 years after giving birth. After that, Eman would take the ready-to-drink Lactum (in tetra packs)during the day then breastfeed again when I come home from work at night until he was 3 years old. Now at 6 years old, Eman is already 4ft 2inches tall, with big and strong body, with excellent performance in school, and with sweet and mild-mannered attitude with people. The effects of breastfeeding are all positive! :-)