Monday, July 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #2: Leon @ Jollibee

I admire the creator of Jollibee, his concept of the adorable bee for a burger chain really rocks. Need not prove it as you can see its presence anywhere you go in the Philippines, and there are a few branches already in other countries.

Me and my husband aren't much into fast food and we try very hard to set an example to our kids specially our toddler Leon, although we visit some occasionally to give in to our "temporary cravings".
Leon with his grin posing with his chicken bucket

Yesterday, our son just starting ranting about wanting to go to Jollibee for lunch, this was his first time to do so. We didn't give in because we already had something prepared for lunch. Though to pacify him, we told him we'll go to Jollibee after I come back from work. To fulfill our promise, we went to Jollibee for dinner. He finished his piece of chicken and rice with fries on the sides. After eating, as normal kids would do, he asked permission to go at the play area, to which we allowed.posing on the giant slide,
he didn't do the slide though,
'twas too tall for him, i guess

trying his hands on driving,
not surprise though as he is into cars
just like Daddy M

of course, the little one's not to
be left at home,
here's Maia and Daddy

here we are, simply happy :)

No matter what we tell kids about good eating habits, sometimes, a jolly smiling bee gets in the way.

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

Yami said...

Identified talaga si Jollibee sa mga kids. mga kids ko rin maki-Jollibee. :-)