Thursday, July 29, 2010

CC: Our Talents

This week's theme on Couple's Corner is about our different talents.

My husband loves cooking, and that I believe is one of his talents. Cooking may be a skill for
others but with my husband, it's natural on him, he can come up with a wonderful dish from whatever it is available in the ref. He can cook well I can say. I do cook but not too good as he does. His specialty is pasta. I love is tuna spaghetti in olive oil. Even our son looks forward to his pasta dishes. He is also good with Pinoy dishes, you should try his pork sinigang and pinakbet, the veggies are just right, not soggy. He has patience and uses the right timing in whatever he cooks. Just like now, I can smell the aroma of the pork bar-be-que he is cooking....can't wait to eat it!

He's into cars, too! He knows each type, class, forms and every details about it.

My talent on the other hand is on needle works, my specialty is cross-stitching, though I can work on crochets, knits, embroidery and sewing. In cross-stitch, I can stay up all night to finish on a project. One of my dream is to own a sewing machine. It'll be one of the things I'll be working on when I become a WAHM - I'll be using my talent and convert it to cash! Though I've been doing it already but not as a career.

Another talent of mine is dancing, but I haven't been dancing since I don't know when :) one reason is that my husband isn't into it. Not that he don't want me to but he doesn't know how to. I've been into cheerdancing when I was still in college and I'm proud to say that our team won three times :)

That's it, our talents...check out other couple's entry to this week meme :)

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Mommy Liz said...

I am jealous that you always eat delicious food. Here in our household, if I don't cook, we will all starve. Hubby only cooks eggs. When he cooked spaghetti when I got home form having a baby, it didn't taste good, it went to the garbage, hehehe.

Wow! you and your needlepoint huh! di ako pwede dyan, wala akong kahit kaunting talent when it comes to anything that concerns needle and thread. I don't dance either, kahit si hubby di rin nasayaw. We sing, only at the house, when nobody can hear our voices. Pantago kasi eh, hehehe.

hahai.ponce said...

Mommy Liz,

thanks for husband kasi mahilig kumain. It's his way of pampering us from a hard day's work, good food. He came from a family who prepares food deliciously...he compliments me, kasi ako di ko hilig magluto :(