Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dream Ferrari (Ruby Tueday#1)

My husband has been a fan of cars since I don't know when. Thus, whenever there's a car show in town, he'll have to drop by and check them out. Even with his cars, he tries hard to maintain them despite the tight budget. Though one was a victim of a drunk driver, the left side fender's damaged :(

One time in December of 2007, we went to a mall within the Metro and while strolling around our path lead us to a car display, a Ferrari no less!

As seen in this picture, even our son, at an early stage, shows signs of interest in cars...just like Daddy :)

My first entry for Ruby Tuesday...here are more, have fun going through them :)

Thanks to Dee, by the way for leading me to this Tuesday meme


stan said...

YOur kid is in a red pram. Vrrmmm dreams of a Ferrari some day i see? :)

Auntie E said...

The Car is a dream of many people. Loving the stroller, just a touch of red.
My Ruby Link for you

The one with the View said...

welcome to the world of Ruby Tuesday! Great first entry! I have to say, I get a little star struck when it comes to nice looking cars too! LOL

Meri said...

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday!

Manang Kim said...

Car shows is fun. Next week here in MI will feature vintage cars, hope we can go there. happy Tuesday!

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