Friday, October 29, 2010

Manana Habit (I will do it tomorrow - Couple's Corner 10-27-10)

'I will do it tomorrow' is one heck of an annoying statement especially for spouses with OCD behavior.

My husband and I, on different occasions, utter this statement, especially when we were a newly wedded couple. As the days, weeks, months and years go by, saying the statement
becomes annoying to each other. Thus, we try hard not to piss off each other by nagging each other to do something both isn't really ready to do. Again, we wait for the right time to request from each other assist us on thing we cannot do by ourselves.

For example, since both of us are on an 8-5 work, we don't really do serious household chores during week days. I, for one, is free both on Saturdays and Sundays, thus I'm able to do more things at home than my husband, who is only free on Sundays. What I do, I plan whatever it is to do for the weekends, I do stuff which I can manage during Saturdays. But in cases where in I think I'll need his help, I do tell him in advance so he too, can fit it in his calendar of activities.

I've learned not to insist on what I want to be done or to be finished. Instead, I've learned to make it a couple activity so that tasks won't appear as task but as something we can share in doing and also as a bonding moment for the two of us.

I have to admit though, between me and my husband, it's me who can't finish a task, thus 'I'll finish it tomorrow'. Not really an excuse but I'm quite OC on most household issues, thus instead of being able to finish something, there is a tendency to overdo stuff and leave it as it was before it was attended to. whew...

But then again, being a wife, a mother, a career woman, a homemaker, and all that is that we are, not to mention being a sister, a friend and an enemy, there are a lot of things expected from us, and we can do only so much. I guess, the same applies to our spouses.

At the end of the day, what is important is not so much of what we have accomplished for the day but how we've managed our relationship, not only with our better-half but with our children and other people around us as well.

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Mommy Liz said...

At least your husband doesn't feel like he is forced to do things at the house. Lots of times, my husband gets annoyed when I tell him again and again and again what he's supposed to do. So I stopped and just let him do whatever he wants and whenever he wants, it doesn't bother me anymore. I do the same way, lots of times, I don't finish my task and I get to it when I am in the mood..Hehehe!

Mel Cole said...

I agree with your last statement. :)