Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Pink Run: D'Feeting Breast Cancer (MYM/RT)

I was invited by my officemate Beechie to attend The Pink Run not as a participant but as an observer. It was held on October 17, 2010 at the Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill in Taguig.

As mentioned before, we at Haribon will be having our own run, The Million Hect
are Challenge. Since I'm head of logistics and Beechie, head of technical, for our event and since it will also be held at the same venue, we decided to look at how the organizers of The Pink Run managed their event, from physical arrangement to crowd management.

The Pink Run was a successful event, thumbs up to the Philippine Society of General Surgeons for an event-well done. Indigenous cancer patients are the beneficiaries of this fund-raising run. Congratulations as well to those who run the 15K,
10K, 5K and 3K distances to show their support for this cause.

From what we have observed, we will share to the committee and see what amongst it can be duplicated on our event and what not to do during the event. We hope to be able to generate the same number of participants, if not more. We also would want to make The Million Hectare Challenge a successful event just like The Pink Run.

There were turn-offs though, we were charged a parking fee of 50 bucks! though we were informed by the management of McKinley that parking is free on Sundays. This issue we have to clarify with Megaworld and for us to be able to inform our participants about it. Another major issue we really have to inform and ensure with with Megaworld is the issue on car breakage and burglary. We were informed that some cars were robbed either through forceful entry or through breakage of windows.We partly paid for the venue and we will demand what it is
due from the Megaworld management. We want our event to be successful thus part of the success is the security not just of the runners/organizers but of properties as well.

Here are some photos during The Pink Run:
Start/Finish Arch

15K run about to begin

10K runners in queue

5K runners getting ready
3K runners waiting for the gunstart
The Pink Run message board

Mother & daughter tandem strolling after the event.
This we want during our event - a family quality time :)



march on... said...

hi hahai, i participated in this run with my officemates and it was fun (and tiring!). This is my 2nd run and I guess I was excited about the time tracker tag you loop in your shoe lace. However, after the race you have to lineup to get your official time since there's no digital meter at the finish line. unfortunately, i did not get my time since it's not on the database yet. Somehow, the digital meter at the Avon run if more convenient since you can immediately see your time. Just my thoughts. Hope this helps :)

Cafe au lait said...

Sounds like fun!

I played too. Mine are here and here.

chubskulit said...

that's what matters most, quality time with the family.

My Ruby Tuesday

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a great event!

hahai.ponce said...

@march on: thanks for the advice, we already have a supplier for our timing chip and I hope they're better than that of the Pink run, we'll see, I hope they can fulfill what's written in the agreement.

I hope you can join ours, it's for a good cause, bringing back our forest ;)

Check out Haribon's website

hahai.ponce said...

@Rose, that's one of the goal for our event, aside from contributing to restoring the Philippine forest, for a family to have fun and enjoy the event while helping a good cause.

I'm excited coz a ninong of Leon already sponsored his registration while Maia's ninong also pledged to sponsor hers... ;)

hahai.ponce said...

@Cafe au lait & Stef, thanks for the comments and visit ;)