Friday, October 8, 2010

Who's The Boss!

Who's the Boss? Should the husband be more superior than the wife? Most of the time, I find myself trying to understand why being superior is an issue. Why can't human behavior accept superiority of others as a positive force in dealing with life's complexity. Or is it part of life's complexity. Regardless, I think in marriage, who's the boss shouldn't be an issue.

In our case, although I am a modern woman, I can still accept the fact that male species are predominantly superior than the female species. Be it scientifically or theologically based - which I can balance as the foundation of some of my
principles in life and of this week's Couple's Corner topic.

Therefore, I really don't mind whether me or my husband M becomes superior or inferior in various situations, it's all about balance. I think he has the same view as mine. I openly
accepted the fact that I will be the more inferior between the two of us. Most of the time though, M seeks my opinion in matters especially on family matters and those that may affect the condition of the family in the future. Most often than not, too, we share the same opinions, thus less conflict. Sometimes though, it's me who acts like the boss in terms of decision making concerning some passions of mine ;0 lol. And it is during these times that I get reminded by M of his presence...sorry my dear.

On decision making, we both seek each others opinion. But during emergency cases and whenever one is not available, we trust each other to make the necessary decision especially concerning our children and the family in general. Immediately after the situation or when the other spouse arrives, we tell each other the decisions we made and most of the time, we agree on it.

On some simple matters such as those concerning household chores, furnishings, it's mostly up to me while those concerning the cars, electrical connections, I leave it up to him. Most decision making such those concerning the kids, finances and for the family in general are shared between the two of us.

We did not sit down and talked about this, what we are holding on is our trust and respect to one another to make the right decisions and actions. What is always on top of our mind is the betterment of the family, the children and our relationship as a couple.

It's all about sharing and giving. Balance in all aspect of married and family life is, I guess, the key to a successful working relationship.

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Mommy Liz said...

You're right about that. Balance is always important. In marriage, one shouldn't have more authority than the other. There are things that one can decide without asking for the other's permission, as long as it's not going to create any problem in the near future. As a wife you definitely can decide when it comes to home furnishing, or things to beautify your home. and your hubby can do and decide when it concerns mechanics and stuff. Kami rin ganyan eh, ako ang in charge sa bahay at siya sa labas, junless na renovation, pinag uusapan naming dalawa. Thanks for joining this week.