Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NO Dear...(Couple's Corner 10/20/10)

First, I don't want to get a NO for an answer...not just from my husband but from other people as well...that shows how stubborn my personality is. Besides, for me, it's some kinda rejection, and I don't want it as well...I'm a bit a sensitive person, that's another reason.

Therefore, instead of getting a NO for an answer, I try hard to first analyze whatever the situation is then I act.

I believe M and I knows each other too well that we are able to talk to each other, further, request from each other what we want without expecting a NO for an answer. I guess, right timing is the key to not getting a NO from our spouses/partners.

Although, I must admit I still get some NO especially when we do the groceries...there are some items that I would want to pitch in the cart but just by his looks, I know it's a NO. But again, sometimes I still get what I want especially when what I want is what our son Leon also wants...hehehe, another secret weapon huh...

What I normally do is talk to him about what I want and ask for his opinion and eventually get his approval - he does the same thing with me. Besides, both of us already knows whatever it is that will merit each others disapproval, thus we won't insist on it anymore. Most of the time still, I don't get what I want in an instant. It's something both of us really have to work hard for -- a value we want to instill also to our children, thus we have to be good examples to them.

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Mommy Liz said...

Hehehe! good thinking, use the kids... Well, sometimes getting a NO for an answer is not a good thing, but I know that from time to time we will get that and it will create some frustrations or what not. But that NO can be a YES if we know what to do and how to act. Hehehe! Naa style lang yan ng pagsasabi, oh di ba?

Wifey10 said...

ai oo nga agree ako mommy Liz, say it as sexy as possible!haha

Jona said...

correct! timing is the key :D

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chubskulit said...

Parehas kayo ni hubby, magkakaparehas kasi mga anak ko saka ang ama sa likes so kahit ayoko bilhin eh napapayes ako lol..

My Late CC entry, hope you can still view it, mwah!

simply kim said...

oohh.. now i understand why you call yourself stubborn, lol!