Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colorful Toys

There are times I find myself thinking of the how intelligent the inventors of toys are, be it toys from the past or of current times. The combination of its colors attracts kids of all ages no matter how simple or complicated a toy may be. Colors definitely is a factor in toy designs.

Here's Leon playing around with the toy displays at th
e Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall. He has a similar set at home yet whenever we go strolling around a mall, these kinds of toy displays never fails to amuse him.

This one we do not have yet, though maybe if we are better off financially in the near future, we may get one as Daddy M is such a fan of foosball.

Leon trying his hand on foosball...
hmm...like father like son

(Nov 8, 2010)

(Nov. 9, 2010)


Robin said...

Foosball is very popular in our house too. If you get one though make sure it's a good one, ours is now standing by the door waiting to be thrown away, it couldn't stand up to simple use :(.

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Mel Cole said...

He sure is enjoying the toy area. Very nice toys. :)

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