Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me and my little Maia

Yesterday, our little deary Maia turned 7 months!

As fast as time flies, little Maia grows fast as well. As if it was just a few weeks ago that the nurse from the hospital handed her to me for the first time. Baby Maia was too tiny and still wrinkled from her 9 months stay in my tummy.

Now she's gone to be a big little baby girl who's started crawling and always want to be in a standing position. She's not too fond of smiling but you know when she's all lighted up because of the smile in her pretty pair of expressive eyes. She's now able to express herself such as flashing a sad eyes whenever I'm off to work or extending her arms reaching out to me or her Daddy when we come home from work.
She's in the stage wherein she's enjoying being nuzzle-wuzzled.

As much as I want her to be forever a baby, I know she'll grow up sooner than later but I really am wishing that time flies slow so that we can enjoy the days of her as well as her older brother Leon's childhood days.

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(Nov. 8, 2010)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 7 months! She is a doll!

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Chris said...

happy 7th months!

by the way, can you please leave me a comment and include there the url of your FB post about jelly bandz? i cant seem to find it.