Thursday, November 25, 2010

LuckyToe joined The Million Hectare Challenge

November 21, 2010 is already part of my personal history. I, together with my husband M and children Leon and Maia joined the pledge run organized by Haribon Foundation to help restore the Philippine Rainforest. Officially, our family team was named LuckyToe.

Team LuckyToe
1394 - M; 0038 - Hahai
0028 - Leon; 0023 - Maia

My husband M joined the 5K run category while me and the kids joined the 3K walk/run category...well, for obvious reasons, both kids are too young to do the distance but Leon definitely had fun running and walking around the 3K route. Maia of course was in her stroller the whole time.

M finished the 5K route 37.10 minutes and was ranked 37 amongst 130 5K male runners. While I did the 3K route in 30.05 minutes ranking 83 among 138 female 3K runners. Mine was a combination of run and walk since Leon was with me during the 1st kilometer of the 3K distance. He called it quits almost halfway complaining that he's already tired and was more interested in playing with the other kids at the kids activity area.
M crossing the finish line

Me, making faces right after
crossing the finish line chute

So far, both me and my husband enjoyed the event, the race component especially, because it paved our way to join in more races in the near future. For the kids, it's only tagging them along with us for them to be able to see and realize the benefits of running and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Haribon Foundation made the event more fun by giving out freebies and special prices. Maia grabbed the youngest registered participant at 7 months old. The organization as well commissioned ColoursPhotoShoppe for a free photo booth for all participants and guest.

Maia with Daddy M accepting the youngest registrant prize.

Team LuckyToe having fun at the photo booth

Running is our form of exercise. We do not go to the gym to get fit, rather we make it our regular Sunday afternoon activity running, jogging or walking around UP's acad oval.

With the Million Hectare Challenge paving our way to more runs, I guess, joining in fun/advocacy runs will be a regular event for Team LuckyToe.

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simply kim said...

that was a really good experience!

march on... said...

so sad that i missed this event but glad to it was a successful one :)

hahai.ponce said...

Thanks Kim and Janaki for the comments!

We'll have another one next year, watch out for the date so you can join na ;)