Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What We've Accomplished

I believe this week's topic on CC is a continuation of last week's.

M and I have been married for more that 4 years now, so far, things are going on as planned, though, the usual bumps on the road being traveled as a couple and as a family are inevitable.

Even before we got married, our plan to own a car of our ow
n was already accomplished. We bought a second hand car from his cousin's shop, from our savings. I guess that will count as one.

So far, in the 4 years together, we've already accomplished a few in our list...we now have two children, with age gap as we've planned, plus another consideration...I told my husband, we should have the children before I reach the age of 40. Maia came in 2 years before the targeted age.
From our savings, we've managed to shoulder major renovations in my mom's house, an act of gratitude for our free stay. Financially speaking, we were able to get across our father's funeral as well as our mom's surgery and medical needs when diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

M is working hard to get across another in our list of plans, that of having a home for our family. I'm supporting him dearly here. Though staying with my mom is quite a comfort for us financially speaking, but having our own place where the children can freely do what they want, shout their throat out as much as they want and getting the feeling of going home to your own house is so much of an accomplishment for us. This one he plans to accomplish soon.

We're taking things as they come in though, not so much in a hurry although a few things are of priority coz we know there's still more to accomplish in the years to come.

More than any material accomplishments, I believe going home to loving and caring spouse and equally lovable children, a healthy family - psychologically, physically and spiritually is so much of an accomplishment for me and M.

How bout you guys...share your accomplishments too, here at

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