Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All I (we) Want for Christmas (CC 12-1-10)

December is officially here and it falls on a Wednesday, very appropriate for Couple's Corner topic for this week - Our Christmas Wishlist. And since it's December, my favorite time of the year, you bet it's because of the yuletide season - a great time for gift giving and receiving...and a valid reason for us women to shop around every stores on sale, bazaars and the infamous tiangge here in the Philippines.

To start of, every since we've been a couple and aside from giving
gifts to each other, we made it a point to buy something out of our savings from the year's hard work (lol). For this year's we're planning to buy a digital camera. Funny, digicam wasn't a priority to us until now that we have kids...we content ourselves with photos taken by families and friends. This year, especially when our little daughter arrived, both of us wanted to document "kodak" moments of our kids with or without us in the picture. We already did some window shopping on some brands, we haven't sat down yet to decide on which one to purchase.

For my husband M: Just this evening, on our way home, while i
n the car, I've asked him what he wanted for a gift, his reply was a wallet. Although I already had it in mind, I wanted to know if there was something else he wanted. Truly, his current billfold must be replaced! Someday soon, I'll be walking around some stores to look for a wallet made out of quality leather that would last long.

For me: My list is quite long...but of course I only have to choose 1,
keeping in mind our little ones who'll need more for Christmas and for the days to come. I would want to have my own iPod Shuffle, just the Shuffle, although M insists on the Nano. I don't know yet but I prefer the Shuffle because it's more handy especially when I do my run/jog (I usually borrow his Nano or use the radio on my Corby mobile phone). My husband though is still contemplating on my wishlissssst, trying to figure out which one is the best Christmas gift for me. Hmmm, sweet ;)!

For Leon: we're thinking of giving him a "big boy's" bicycle, although
he's just three, his way to big for the usual toddler bike. M tried to ride him on the bigger bike and he was able to reach the step will be to teach him how to make it move. Leon's special request though is to have Power Rangers designs on the bike. He's into Power Rangers and Ben10 this time, we may add some gifts for him to open on Christmas eve with these characters in consideration.

For Maia: I've gone on-line shopping and ordered her busha pants. At her age, she doesn't really need much of the material stuff aside from clothing and food...more time here to save for her future Christmases with us, especially when she's able to tell what we wants already.

But beyond the material things, what's constant in our wishlist is for us to be healthy and safe and to be always together as a family. That's it, my share to Couple's Corner, how about yours?at the Noel bazaar with my mom in the picture
taken from a photo booth located at the entrance.

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Mel Cole said...

Looks like a complete list for the whole family. I haven't think something for my little boy because he is so easy to please or doesn't appreciate gifts yet. I like your idea about the ipod shuffle.

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march on... said...

That's a nice list. I would want an Ipod shuffle too :) Merry Christmas :)

hahai.ponce said...'s the cheapest but definitely the most handy among all iPods...thanks for the visit ;)

chubskulit said...

May long list ka pala sis hehehe. Wallet is a nice gift plus the extra moolah inside hehehe.

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Clarissa said...

Hope that you'll get what you want for Christmas dear!Merry Christmas^_^

Rossel said...

a nice and complete list for the whole family. wow, galing ka na sa Noel bazaar. mukhang nakapag-shopping ka na.

may you have a better 2011, sis. God bless you all!

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hahai.ponce said...

Thanks Mommies, wishing you all of the grandest this Christmas season and a better year for all of us this coming 2011!!!

hahai.ponce said...

@Rossel:yes! meron ulit sa Dec 18 - 23

simply kim said...

wow! cool list you got here! hope you get all of them this christmas. happy CC!

Mommy Liz said...

Good health is always on the top of the list. Being together and love comes next. I like your list, simple and practical too. The kids sometimes don't really need material things especially when they are still little. My kids tell me what they want for Christmas and we told them they can write a wish list, but that doesn't mean they will get all of it. 1 per kid, and my 8 year old said, it's so unfair. hehehe!