Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Favorite Christmas (CC 12-15-10)

Christmas just like any other couples and family is one of the special holidays we're looking forward to. It's the best gauge of time and growth together as a couple, a family and of our individuality.

We're trying our best to make each Christmas a memorable one for us. This coming will be our 3rd with Leon, 4th as a married couple and 6th since we started g
oing out. This year Maia came to complete our family. Thus, this Christmas will be our first Christmas as a "complete" family.

This is the time that we, as a couple, will open ourselves to
more challenges to come in the succeeding years. We're looking forward for Maia's first birthday on April and at Leon's schooling next year.

I know there will be some changes in the future in terms of identifying our favorite Christmas, but this year is our favorite so far.

Time to share yours...

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Jona said...

we had our favorite CHristmas too but it will be hard to tell what's our favorite Christmas in the years to come and when the kids are bigger :D

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