Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Me on Monday (1)

This is the first time I'm joining this blog hop, courtesy of Vhen of A Housewife Little Abode. A simple way of getting to know each other through our blog post.

Here I go...

Q1: What is your favorite way to eat chicken? fried marinated in sweet and spicy sauce with blue cheese dip

Q2: Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Yes, same as last year's but with more yellows now...don't have a picture yet of the current tree...this one's from last year, plus more of the Santa and Christmas Angels decors.

Q3: What is your favorite article of clothing? favorite are the flip flops, very comfortable though I'm into sneakers and rubber shoes. I would want to own a five finger barefoot shoes as well.

Q4: Do you pay bills online or write checks the old way? I pay online...very convenient

Q5: Do you make Christmas cookies? No, I'm not a kitchen perso
n, my husband is, but I might try to make some soon, for my little ones.

Had fun doing this, hope to get to know you as well through your entries :)

1 comment:

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I never make homemade cookies. I just by the refrigerated dough or cookie mix. Easy!