Sunday, December 19, 2010

Give Love on Christmas Day (Mommy Moments 12-17-10)

Christmas is the time of sharing and giving, but for kids, they're more interested on receiving and collecting gifts.

Our dear Leon who is just 3 years old, is having fun accepting gifts but has a hard time giving gifts to his cousins and friends. I'm still trying to explain t
o him every once in a while the concept of gift giving. He knows how to share, like when it comes to food and toys, he share even without us telling him to do so. I guess, it's the packaging that makes him want to have all the gifts to himself - the element of surprise that kids loves. The gifts under our Christmas tree, he claims his, except those he knows to be of his sister Maia.
That's why for Christmas, we already wrapped most of the things he wanted to receive from Santa. A pair of new Chuck Taylor shoes, a Ben10 watch and a pair of adult pillows with Lightning McQueen design. Plus more from his grandmom, uncle and aunts and from our friends.

Maia on the other hand is too little to ask for what she wants for Christmas, though she too has her share of gifts under the tree.

Although it's fun and exciting to look at our children's faces light up with the gifts they receive, it's still important that they realize the true meaning of Christmas, maybe not too soon but in the near future.

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Chris said...

thanks for joining us last week! i agree with you.. with little kids, its sometimes hard to tell them the true meaning of Christmas but we should start somewhere right? :)

merry Christmas to you and your family!