Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mommy Moments: Christmas Tree

mommy moments

We bought our Christmas tree 4 years ago. I can still remember the day we got it...t'was already late in the afternoon, after M's work on a Saturday, bringing along Leon who was barely 9 months old, we went to the infamous Divisoria to buy our dream 8 feet tall Christmas tree! We had a good deal on our tree as compared to buying it from department stores, almost half the price.

4 years after, it still stands tall. Leon helped me in decorating the tre
e this year (though I wasn't able to take photos of him). The tree, as time goes by, is still a work in progress. Since it's too big, decorating it entails quite an amount and we can't do it in one purchase. Besides, we're looking at changing decors from time to time. 4 years ago it was only red, last year we added a touch of yellow and gold to it. Now, there's more yellow in it. Maybe next year it'll be pure yellow and gold.

Here's a picture of us with our tree behind us, taken on...
Christmas 2008

and on Christmas 2009
(I was 5 months on the family way with Maia)


Seiko said...

Idreamt buying a huge tree for my home too but since there's no place for such a big tree para sa usang maliit na bahay satisfied na rin ako sa size na nabili namin 21 years ago pa :)
Basta nasa pag-iingat I'm sure magigiung maganda pa rin ang built tree nyo.
Love the photos here .
Thanks for the visit :)
Have happy Holidays to you & your family as well.God bless :)

simply kim said...

that's a really nice tree, but what makes it hold its magic is the family that poses with it..

Chris said...

that is a nice christmas tree indeed.. :D priceless with all its memories:D

mjrodriguez said...

the tree is getting filled as each year passes.

i'm sure your kid loves helping you decorate it!

supermommyjem said...

wow, its huge Christmas tree.. I also love to have that tall Christmas tree hopefully next year (lol) because currently we only have a 3 ft. Christmas tree. I believe your family was very excited to decorate this huge tree.