Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More of the Christmas season

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate Jesus' birth. And just like in any countries, we celebrate Christmastime the longest of all holidays. Christmas season is one if not the most festive occasion here in the Philippines. It's the merriest as well because of the exchange of gifts, not just among family members but with extended families as well as friends.

As early as November, just after All Saints day, wherever you go, you'll see signs of the yuletide season. Part of the festivities is to decorate not just houses but also commercial establishments such as shopping centers and restaurants. From the simple Christmas lights, to the very traditional Parol, our version of the Christmas star, and to the more elaborate western influences such as Christmas trees, snowman and Santa Claus.
Maia & me at the castle inspired backdrop,
really made for people to pose at and have photos taken

Maia, checking out this well lighted Christmas tree

A red Christmas tree

a typical "western style" tree,
really looks like a real tree

For me personally, it's my favorite time of the year. This is the season I'm looking forward to every year. With all the reasons behind Christmas - it's Jesus' birthday, decorating, gift giving and receiving, shopping, parties, and more reasons of merriment. Even the window shopping part, I'm already having fun! It is the child in me that comes out every year. Looking at all the decorations and faces of people lighted up because of the simple idea that it is Christmas, makes me light up as well. But what is most heartwarming for me is the idea of celebrating the season, even the most simple experience, with our loved ones, our Family.

Happy faces of the Ponce family

Despite the influx of people in department stores and shopping centers, I love it there and I'm sharing it with you.


simply kim said...

that was a nice picture with the christmas tree!

hahai.ponce said...

thanks Kim!