Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

even when I was still single, I was already aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, not just from hard facts but also from my personal experiences. Me and my siblings, were all breastfed by our mom and I can proudly say that we are all healthy...healthy in the sense that we don't get sick easily, we haven't been hospitalized because of various ailments...

when it was already my turn on nurturing my child...there were worries in mind, one of them is not producing enough milk for my child. To my surprise, I have enough milk him...more than enough actually, my baby is more than a year old and I still breastfeed!!!

since our baby arrived, he has never been sick. Sick, meaning, high fever, convulsions and the likes. He, though had his share of colds. Even with colds, it doesn't last long, a day or two, and on the third day, it's gone.

another very visible benefit of breastfeeding as can be seen on my child is the bone structure. I really can't say if this is because of breastfeeding, but I think there is (this merits a research). Relatives, friends and acquaintances would often mistake my child as a 3-year old kid...Well my husband is quite tall, this is one factor to be considered
though. Most of them would attribute his size to breastfeeding...

not to mention the savings we get from breastfeeding instead of buying formula milk. Not that I'm against formula milk, my child also takes formula milk now that I'm back working.

oh well...more researches to of now, I'm thankful that I breastfeed... As the saying goes...breast milk is best for babies. True enough...breast milk is best for our babies.

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