Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diet vs Exercise

Diet vs. Exercise...which is better?

way way back, I tried proving one is better than the other...when I was younger, exercise was better than the diet...I can pig out and still maintain the ideal weight and size. I just had to exercise a bit, alas! i'm back to "the" ideal me.

but as I get older, its starting to get back to the ideal weight and size despite rigorous exercise.

then I went worked well for a while but excess skin remained, so I had to workout to get rid of it.

in 2006 i got pregnant, first pregnancy for that matter. I was 35 years old then. From my ideal weight I gained 30 pounds during the course of the pregnancy...and it remained as is even after giving birth in 2007. I did not put extra effort though in dieting or exercising because I was still nurturing a child (although I still do up to now). In my mind I thought, I have to be healthy enough for my child's sake.

this year, when my child turned one, I decided to go back to how I used to be... I mean, my size and weight. I tried exercise, but it wasn't easy this time. Even when I went jogging regularly, the weighing scale wouldn't lie (my weighing scale by the way is defects!). Exercise doesn't work the same way for me this time as it did some years ago!

in June of this year, I went on a diet, veggies only, no went well for me...then I saw the effects of dieting after two months. I'm a leaner 125 pounds!
and still trying to trim down 10 lbs more...

now that I'm slimmer, I do exercising, to get rid of the excess skin.

i guess we have to get to know ourselves better to understand the effects of diet and exercise in our body. Once we know what works for us, diet only, exercise only, diet first then exercise later or the other way around, stick to that...getting into what's the fad won't really help.

i may say diet and/or exercise is not better than the other, it works well together. Especially for someone in the midst 30s, we really have to be a little more strict in our diet and doing exercises.

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