Sunday, October 12, 2008

cross stitch

I've been wanting to write about the cross stitch designs that I have finished, some framed, others not yet, but I don't know how to start writing about it.

The designs have been on ads on-line for at least a month already...The number of hits are increasing but no one really asked about it. I was starting to think of other options for the cross stitch designs...

Until today...

This morning, I received a text message from my husband that someone e-mailed him asking for the price of one of my finished design, The Rose of Sharon. I gave him the price and with some haggling here and there, I think, they compromised on a price. On Sunday we will be delivering it to the person.


I'm having mixed emotions now, quite sad because, all the designs I have finished are dear to me...I'm having difficulty of thinking that I'm giving it up, this design is one of my favorites...although I can still do another one in the future, but there is the sense of ownership that I'm still clinging to...Oh well, I have to get over it asap.

I'm also happy about it, we were able to sell one! (nearly though, I hope he or she will not change her mind before delivery date)

I'm likewise getting excited for more sales to come...and excited too, in making more designs.

...another luck brought by our lucky toe.

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