Monday, October 27, 2008

too many things to do

rush rush rush...

it's end of October! goodness gracious 2008 is almost done!

what have I accomplished for the past 9 months?

what have happened this year?

what are the things still to be done before the year ends? for the family, work and myself...

so many things to do yet a little time office table is a mess...I've wanted to clear it up, but every time I do so, I end up stacking more stuff on it!

Yuletide season is coming faster than expected...again, more things to do, preparation for this special season of the year.

Wishlist - for myself and our son...Daddy knows what he wants :)
Gift list - for Daddy, our son, our parents, siblings, nephews and nieces,
godchildren, special friends
Things to prepare - Christmas Tree, Christmas star, locally known as Parol,
decors for the house to fit the holiday season
Things to buy - decors and Christmas stuff

...what else, oh, food, what to prepare for noche husband is good at this...he loves to cook.

Oh well, I still have a day and a half to go before going into Yuletide mode. Getting excited about it though because this is the second year with our baby Leon. The year 2007 was special because it was a first. This year is quite different because Leon is more responsive to what he sees.

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