Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Simple Joys

I'm married for two years now. Every once in a while, we go on memory lane and one of our favorite topics is our wedding...the details of it.

The decision to get married was primarily based on our mutual desire to be together for the rest of our lives. The details of the wedding were all secondary. Since both of us are Catholics, what was important to us was the blessings to be bestowed upon us that will strengthen the relationship and serve as an anchor to the relationship.We focused more on the details of the rites than the celebration after the rites, the reception. To sum it all, the wedding went as planned...although not too perfect, as always for any occasion, glitches arises on the day itself...which we already conditioned ourselves so as not to spoil the occasion.

Going back to memory husband would often ask me, if given the chance to redo the wedding, what aspect of it shall I modify, if not change at all...

My answer...I will not change any part of it...I love it as it is, with all the bloopers and everything...what's important is I married the man I love and it was witnessed by the special people in our lives.

I guess for any (married) woman, wedding is the most special of all occasions... whatever happens during the event that is not part of the plan...that's what makes is SPECIAL.

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