Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breastmilk vs. Sore Eyes

I came home from work last Tuesday with an itchy right eye. I didn't thought of it as sore eyes because I haven't been infected by it ever since. Yes, I had my first bout with sore eyes on my 38th year of existence in life! hahaha...

It was too late in the evening that I realized rather accepted that I was having a sore eyes infection, because of this, I was only able to buy an eye drop the next morning. Likewise, I contacted a doctor-friend and requested for Rx for my sore eyes.

Immediately on the next day, midday that was, my little Maia's left eye was infected as well...poor little girl, I really felt sorry about it. Of the many people at home, it was Maia who got it! Rx came late too for Maia, so to ease her discomfort, I dropped a few of my breast milk on her eye.

I've heard of breast milk as a good cure for sore eyes. I was hesitant at first what the heck, it was for my little baby I did. Maia had her infection last Wednesday, I had mine last Tuesday, yet, Maia's eyes are both clear as of today, mine still vampire red!

Here's what I'm thinking...time to shift to breast milk to clear my eyes as well...don't want to spoil the long weekend we're having this part of the globe :)

Another wonderful benefit of breast milk...not just for babies...

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