Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couples Corner: Complementing our Differences

What is interesting in couples is what made them attracted to each other. Similarities is one factor, like me and my husband, there's a lot to speak of the things common to the two of us.

There's also differences in each one, this I think is the interesting part.

To begin with, physically speaking, my husband is dark while I'm on the fairer side, he's tall while I'm short. This I guess was the first attraction between us.

He's into movies, while I'm not.
He's thrifty sometimes becoming stingy already, while I'm on the spending side.
He's more practical - functional while I'm more for aesthetics.
He is logical, I'm instinctive.
He is a mind person while I'm a gut person.
He is a quiet being, while I'm talkative.
He loves cooking, I don't
Patience: His short, mine long
He is not too keen in organizing stuff as long as it's on it's proper places
while I'm on the verge of having OCD!!!

I'm into details while he's result oriented

In spite of the difference and even what's common between us, who we are individually complements and completes the other, that I guess is the reason why we were made for each other.

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Mommy Liz said...

Well said! that's the beauty of it, though we have some indifference with our spouses, that's how we know that we love each other despite of the fact that we're totally opposite on some things. boring naman kung masyadong compatible di ba? walang thrill, gusto ko yung nag kukulitan, or nagpipilitan. Ay, I forgot to include our skin color, hehehe. My hubby's is white, while mine is dark...

chubskulit said...

Magkakasundo kayo ni hubs sa spending habit lol.

Late entry to Couple's Corner. See you in Nostalgia.

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

hahaha, I laughed at Mami Li'z last statement. They even got opposite skin color, and oh yeah, me and hubbz too. hahaha. cultural differences etc etc...Stingy na pala siya sa spending ha, blog more so you can have something for shopping :) BTW sis, gotcha ff today and hope you can visit my 2nd blog at

hahai.ponce said...

@ Mommy Liz: tama ka dyan!!! spice of life yung nga differences and disagreements.

@ Mommy Rose: riot yun pag I've gone too far on on one talk ito! Following you too!

@ Mommy Mel: yes he is. He liked my blog daw on this...hehehe

thanks all mommies for dropping by

Rossel said...

same here sis. my husband is a mind person and i am a gut one. well as they say, opposites attract. your differences is what giving spice to your marriage.