Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy Moments: Grocery Day

We started doing our groceries only a few months before I gave birth to our eldest child. It was a form of exercise for me (for easy childbirth). Back then it was only me and my husband who does the shopping, then we were joined by our eldest child Leon and now Maia, as early as 3 months comes with us in doing our grocery.

Grocery is one of our bonding moments. It is during grocery time that we are able to discuss which one we want for the household and which one is out of the grocery list. Lately Leon has been part in decision making, his stuff is occupying more space in the cart, plus himself in it too! He likes to watch the live catfish and shrimps and enjoys bagging veggies. He's having fun assisting the bagger in putting the merchandise into the shopping bag...oh our little a few more years, our little Maia will be doing the same.

We often do our groceries twice a month, yes during paydays. Fill ins are done mostly by me because I pass by a supermarket on my way home. Or favorite supermarket is Shopwise, conveniently located in Cubao plus the shopping hour goes all the way till 11:00 pm. Besides,
I've got the Wise Card which accumulate points and is redeemable at a certain period.

I don't have a picture of us or the kids while doing the groceries, but I
have this one, when Leon was a little over a year old...tired after doing the groceries.

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Chris said...

bonding moments it is! i love grocery because we get to decide together and i know that this exercise shows my kids the value of money too!

thanks for joining us this week!

niko said...

yay napagod si pogi mo! :)

he is a cutie! thanks for dropping by my blog girl!

hahai.ponce said...

Thanks Mommies for dropping by and leaving lovely comments :)