Thursday, August 12, 2010

Couple's Corner: Likes and Dislikes

I'm late...well, here's my share to this week's topic:

  • we love eating, pasta is our favorite, M sees to it that we prepare a pasta dish at least once every other week, though we also love Pinoy dishes; one of our adventures in life is to try different dishes from other countries and cultures. My all-time favorite is Mexican dishes - tacos, nachos, echiladas, his is Italian - really a pasta lover; we love fruits and veggies as well, though we are not vegetarian
  • we love nature, we are advocates of the environment, our charity goes to Haribon Foundation by being a member of the organization and supporting regularly their adopt-a-seedling campaign which aims to restore the 1 million hectare of the Philippine forest by the year 2020; this is also were the two of us met :D; nature-tripping, birdwatching, snorkeling
  • we like to travel, check out the beautiful places of our country, the Philippines, before venturing into places outside the country, though M has been to UK already.
  • for Sunday mass, though we belong to a parish, we go around the city to hear mass in other churches, my fascination since I was still single, it became his when we started going out. Now he sometimes takes the initiative to look for a church for our Sunday Mass.
  • Shoes - the difference only lies on: I am for quantity, he is for quality
  • we are both trying our hands in photography
  • I'm into handricrafts
  • we both like to read, he's more into this though, can finish a book in one sitting, while I take sometime. His fave author is Dean Kootz, while mine is Dan Brown
  • Both of us don't like smoking but we have friends who are offense to those who smoke :)
  • we also dislike loud people, arrogant and back stabbers
I'm happy that we share the same things in life...he's really God's match for me

wedding reception at the Manila Orchidarium, Luneta
March 8, 2006

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Mommy Liz said...

Wow! we also love to eat, can you tell by the looks on our chubby cheeks?

It's great that you both like most things , bihira kasi sa mag asawa ang nagkakasundo sa isang bagay. Kami ata ng hubby ko sa sci fi lang kami magkasundo, lahat eh opposite na, oo nga noh, parang we have nothing in common.hehehe.

Well, we also don't want backstabber people, saka mayabang na wala naman sinabi. I believe that God gave us someone that we are comfortable with di ba? Buti na lang...Next week :When We want Sumthing Sumthing" tayo ha,. it can be general.

hahai.ponce said...

that's the most common I guess, food...I think, it's the first step to get to know the person you are going out with...kung di magkasundo sa pagkain, malabo na yun.

thanks for the visit, I will be on next week's meme...thinking about it na :)

happy weekend!

simply kim said...

wow! i'd really like to join the Haribon Foundation someday..

simply kim said...

wow! i'd really like to join the Haribon Foundation someday..