Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Couple's Corner: When We Want Something

When we want something, we tell it straight to each other. There's really no spoken rules on it. Since both of us are financially independent, we both allow each other to purchase anything specially things that are for the household and for the car. We also allow (once in a while) each other to give in to some of our luxury, but this is more of me :)

Back when it was only the two of us, purchasing personal stuff was easy. Now that we have 2 kids, we became more responsible and practical. We normally think twice now before we buy anything. What we do now, whenever each one wants something and tells the other about it, we give it as a little gift for each other and usually it comes as a surprise.

Major purchases or expenditures are being planned and we normally talk about monetary sharing.

But for something that is not material in nature, action speaks louder than words ;)

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Rossel said...

very well said, sis. same with us, we plan every major expenses and we save for it together.

mine is up here...

Mommy Liz said...

Children come first once you have kids. But it's good thing that you both are financially independent, at least there are little things that you can buy for yourself and he does the same thing, that would be a surprise for both. Big expenditures absolutely need to be properly planned especially if it can affect your financial situation. Hubby ko, nakow, kapag me gusto, gagawa at gagawa ng paraan to have it, but in a way na hindi naman kami mamumulubi. Binabayaan ko na lang at bihira naman magkagusto.. Thanks for joining this week and have a great weekend to you and your family.