Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy Moments: Movies and Kids

We haven't brought Leon to the movie house yet, our hesitation lies on the idea that he might not want to finish the entire movie and considering how much a movie ticket costs, we find it quite impractical yet. Instead my husband buys DVDs of whatever movie there is for kids and we watch it at home.

The closest to a movie house that Leon experienced was at the house of one of his god father. His room was specially designed to having it's own mini theater with matching surround sound system - really almost like a theater. Leon picked a movie from his wide collection of DVDs and watched it while we were having fun with friends outside. I once in a while come in or my husband to accompany Leon.

Here are some of his photos, comfortably sitting in front of an LCD tv while watching Cars and Ice Age

Leon with Daddy

Leon with Ninong Rocky

But it'll be soon that Leon will be able to watch a movie in the cinema as we (me and my husband) misses going to movies already. A date with my husband and kids will be a great come-back for us, it'll be Leon's first and a somewhat first for us as well since 2007...looking forward to it.

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Chris said...

cars was toby's favorite a few years ago! :D

hahai.ponce said...

Hi Chris, it's Leon's he watches the DVD 4 times in a row, kung di pa pigilan, he won't stop, actually some parts of the dvd aren't working already, full of scratches, still it keeps on playing :)

simply kim said...

my little boy, Daryl, is CARS fan, too! nice post..