Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fever & Flu

Last week my husband caught the flu virus. Despite the prevention, it hit hard on him. He went on leave from work most of the week, he reported though last Tuesday, but I guess it just made it worst. He was better on Friday and was forced to go to work since it was collection day.

I thought everything was ok on Friday but when I went home for lunch, my two home companions came rushing telling me that Leon was having fever. Oh no, not my baby!!! My 3 year old son never got sick, only now. No matter how calm I tried to be, deep inside I was going nuts. Lots of what ifs were going through my mind. Sent message to my husband via SMS about our son's condition. He felt bad, had guilt feelings as he felt he brought the virus to our house.

I instructed both companions to watch over both kids, one to closely monitor Leon's temperature while the other one to observe Maia as she might be the next one to get sick. My biggest fear is that Leon's fever might develop into Dengue fever which has high occurrences in some areas in the metro.

Good thing, Leon's fever gradually went down and was out of fever late in the evening. Maia, on the other hand, was spared by the virus. The next day, I thought I was next, it was false alarm though, I was having migraine instead :(

In spite of what happened, I am thankful that the family is generally healthy. Now I know that I am on the right track in terms of taking care of my family.

I try hard not to depend on medicines to relieve me from any sickness, thus I practice a balanced diet - I make sure that whatever it is being prepared for every meal is paired with a vegetable dish. Specially with the kids, I regularly remind all of us at home to drink enough fluids everyday, not just to keep us hydrated but to aid in flushing out harmful elements in the body. I also make it a point to serve fresh fruits for the family specially to our son who is now more exposed to harmful agents.
Did you know that fruits are best eaten when they are in season? Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals, citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which are good to combat common colds and flu.

To be extra careful though, our children consumes a vitamin C product prescribed by their pediatrician, while I take in Fern C. My husband was pessimistic about the product but after he got sick while I didn't, he now takes the supplement but not yet on a regular basis. I also give our household companions their supply of this vitamin supplement. Good thing they're having good chemistry with it.

It is worth keeping in mind, prevention is always better than cure.


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope everybody is feeling better!

hahai.ponce said...

Thanks Stef, we're all ok though my husband still has the colds every now and then