Monday, August 2, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #03; Ruby Tuesday #02

Last week was my dad & mom-in-law's and my birthday. Usually we do celebrate it at my sis-in-law's place but this year, since my mom-in-law is in the province, dad-in-law decided just to eat out.

Last Sunday, we had an early dinner at Shakey's Restaurant along Q. Ave. There were only nine of us since, the nephews and a niece went out with my brod-in-law's brother who was here on a vacation from the US. While waiting for our order, dad-in-law played magic tricks on Leon and Lucia. We were amazed, even us adults. But after eating, while the kids were playing at the in-house arcade, dad-in-law taught us the tricks and gave our set of magic toys for us to play on our kids. Leon, as if he knows what to order

Lolo Alan doing a magic trick
on Leon & Lucia (and us)trying his hands on the wheel

our soon to be cager
When we reached home, our Leon insisted on getting the magic toys to show to his grandma (my mom), well, his Lola and Ates (2 yayas) were amazed as well. In less than 15 minutes playing with his new toys, Leon figured out on his own the magic trick :(...oh well, kids are so smart these days, mine are, how bout yours?



reg said...

Looks like the little guy is having fun

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I love him driving!!!! Too cute.

LOOTERS is my Tuesday blog. I do hope you can find time to drop by if given a chance. Have a great day.

hahai.ponce said...

@reg & hootin' anni: thanks for the visit, visited you back & following you as well :)