Friday, August 27, 2010

Couple's Corner: When SORRY is not Enough

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When saying sorry is not enough...Saying SORRY is difficult to us both...
Both me & my husband have our share of pride that's one reason why it's difficult to ask for an apology. Between the two of us, it is me who often admit my mistakes, but it still takes a while because I still defend myself till it's husband (between the two of us) has the more wisdom in analyzing what just had transpired, one reason why the discussion takes a lot of time, hours to be more profound while I'm more on the emotional side.

Sometimes, I even find myself apologizing for things that I really haven't committed, while he will likewise tell me not to because it's not my fault. There are matters in family life or relationship that one has to take the responsibility to admit the mistake not to put an end to the conversation but to take it to a higher level of discussion --- to find a solution to the problem and not to commit the same again.

My husband does not say the word often but his actions speaks for it. He cooks special meals for us or treat me out, or a simple peck on the cheek that one can feel the sincerity on it. I on the other hand put on extra effort not to commit the mistake again.

After a long discussion, more than feeling sorry for what just happened, both of us deepened our relationship as a couple and both matured as parents to our kids and as individuals. At the end of the day, what matters most is our family and our relationship. We often also look back at the promises we made on our wedding day.

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Mommy Liz said...

sorry to comment late, I was gone for 4 days and just got back yesterday.

Kaiba rin tong story mo, you say sorry even if it's not your fault. Hmm.. But you are right indeed, after the sorry stage, let's do the best we can to avoid making the same mistake di ba? Parang useles snaman na nag sorry tapos gagawin uli. What's the point. Siguro ang cool nyong mag asawa, lalo ang hubby mo, iniisip pa niya kung sino ang may kasalanan sa nangyari eh, sa main ni hubby ko, kadalasan siya ang may kasalanan (kahit ako na) hehehe..sabi nya nga, bakit daw ganon, kahit ako ang me sala, napapaikot ko ang munod, at the end, siya na ang at fault,. hehehe..