Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Ready for the Million Hectare Challenge (Mellow Yellow Monday#8, Ruby Tuesday #7)

November 21 is still two months away and to be really fit for the event we are joining, the Million Hectare Challenge, I encouraged my husband that every Sunday afternoon we go walk, jog or run, to which he immediately agreed upon. Thus starting last Sunday afternoon, we headed to the University of the Philippines and jog our way around the acad-oval.

I did a 2.2k jog which I would say a good start for me, while my husband run 2 rounds of the acad-oval. Since we're joining as a team, a family team, Leon our 3-year old son, jogged along with us. The first 500 meters, which he managed to run, was more than enough for our little boy. He called in enough and decided to just play around with his nanny while we do our jog. While little Maia, after a little walk with her nanny, slept her way until it was time to go.

After an hour or so, we called it a day and headed home.

Looking forward to next Sunday's run which I hope will be an improvement for me ;)



ilovepink1078 said...

she's so cute. great post!

hahai.ponce said...


i love pink, too!

ai said...

I didn't know you blog ms hahai! haha. I've been searching for mhc, hoping some people picked up some news about our run and i landed on your page!