Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helping Each Other (Couple's Corner)

When I first saw my M, I knew deep inside that he was a good person. Aside from being a friendly person, my gut-feel tells me that he's someone whom I can get along with easy. True to it, as an officemate, M was one of the first few people I became friends with which eventually lead to courtship and dating.

Even as a dating couple, we had been supporting each other. In all aspects of life -- physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial, in good and bad times, we were there for each other. We supported and criticized each other in terms of individual plans and programs, whether for personal consumption or for the two of us.

Both of us are not perfect persons and we are very much aware of that. Whatever the flaws we see in each other we try to convert it to become an asset, developing and improving each other's character to make us better persons and until now we still do the same to become good examples to our children.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog (also here at Couple's Corner), our differences compliments each other. Whenever the need arises, we try to fill in to each others shortcomings. Amazingly, there are times that we need not say anything for the other one to feel the need for help. Despite being a young couple as compared to many out there, I am proud to say that we know each other so much. One example would be this, between the two of us, it is me who is more talkative, and when I keep annoyingly quite, he knows there is something that's bothering me. On the other hand, even on the manner of his kissing me upon arriving from work, I would already know that something went wrong or something isn't just right.

As I am writing this entry to this week's topic on Couple's Corner, we are going through a slightly difficult moment concerning extended family members which slightly affects our relationship and the family in general. Instead of sulking, we've discussed the matter and try to find ways to lift each other up and help each other in dealing with the concern. It helps us as also that in situations such as this, we remind each other that we are there for each other. We likewise constantly remind each other of the promises we made during our wedding.

Helping each other is not just during bad times, we also help each other in good times, acknowledging each others strength and being proud of each others accomplishment is a form of help, making us more eager to deliver well in what we do that would translate to better ways in providing for the family.

Sometimes though, we miss being just the two of us. Life is a bit more complicated than before with the presence of our two lovely children. But this complications is what we have been looking forward to before and now that it is here, we are more than willing to help each other more to give our family the good life that we all deserve.

Blogging about this just reminded me of the reason why I fell in love with M and looking forward to growing gray hairs with him. Hmmm...loving the moment :)

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chubskulit said...

I agree, having kids is definitely a more challenging to every couples but with each other's support, everything will be alright.

Helping each Other

Clarissa said...

Dapat lang na maging good examples tayong mga parents to our children--palagi nila tayong nakikita,pati pananalita natin,minsan copy na nila lol!
Growing old with him, love that!^_^
Couple's Corner

kha said...

every issues will be easily resolved or has immediate resolution if couples together finding it out in the same way.. that's indeed helping.. :)
Ultimate Opposite

Newlyweds said...

true, its our differences that compliments with each other, and that makes every day spicy and happy.. :)

Mommy Liz said...

There are times that you just love bragging about your spouse, and for you , this is one of those times. Isn't it wonderful how you can count on your husband in everything? be it in good or bad times. There is no greater than knowing that the one you married will stand by your side not only when you are happy but mostly when you are not..

Thanks for joining this week and have a great day to you and your hubby dubs. Having kids though brought complications to your life, is the complications that you accept with open arms.. Don't you just love them to death?? I do mine..:)

Junneth said...

I like the lines helping each other not only during bad times but also during good times.. That should couples be.Yes indeed no one is perfect.. no couples are perfect, we are experimenting things and finding out whether they work!

hahai.ponce said...

yes Mommy Liz, I do love the complications in my life right now! I love every moment I spend with them :)

hahai.ponce said...

thanks Newlyweds and Junneth for dropping by, will visit you soon :)