Friday, September 3, 2010

Lifetime Gift for our Children (Mommy Moments)

This week's meme brought me into thinking --- what's the best gift for our children?

Material gifts, yes it'll be appreciated and we'll see the happiness on their faces once they open up their gifts and more smiles will be flashed on their faces if the gift they received is what they really wanted. We must admit though that the material things we give them are short-lived. For some time they will be playing, working or using these gifts but when they grow up and mature, most often than not, these gifts will be kept in boxes or will be seen just lying on the same exact spot for so so years...Heirlooms, well, I haven't got one for myself yet, so there's nothing yet for me to pass on to either Leon or Maia. Although there's my Santa Claus collection that goes with Leon's age and an angel collection that is set to be collected simultaneous to Maia's age.

I firmly believe that the best gift to give our children is education - knowledge. I often remember my grandpa's favorite line to us - Knowledge is power. A good education will be our children's window to great opportunities. My husband and I are relatively young couple, we've been married for just 4 years this year and with two kids on tow, I must admit, financially speaking we're likewise as young as we are married.

We can only give so much in terms of material gifts but what we are preparing now is for the education of our children. Leon will start schooling next school year, Maia though still a baby, won't be that long to go to school herself.

My husband and I are products of well known universities in Manila, and inspite of that we still find ourselves wondering why we are a bit on a struggle. We don't want our children to experience the difficulties we went through in life, as an individual and as a couple. Although they will have their own share of life's experiences, armoring them with proper education and the good values in life, we know, our children's future will be brighter than ours.

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lemuel said...

Yes, we really value education, and not just education at school but kids nowadays should also be street smart. What we lack when we went to school was how to earn money or put up a business to make money work for us not the other way around. We were taught by school and parents to study hard so we can get good jobs and earn but we were not taught to be business people who earn more money and be financially stable. Working for an employer will never make your dreams come true. Only your employers get rich and never the employee. Unless of course you are the big boss of a big corporation which takes a lot of your time supposedly to be spent to your family.

simply kim said...

how right you are.. education is not just a piece of laminated parchment paper. it's an armor that will get anybody through as he/she lives his/her life.. nice post!

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

Hi Hahai, yep, you are very true. You're kids are growing so they need the special pamana of all, Education. Good luck to your mommy journey. HAve a blessed Sunday!

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Chris said...

education that they get from you is the most important in their primary years.. the character and values that they learn from you are more important than what they will learn from universities..

have a great week! thanks for joining us this week!