Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trust, Faith & Loyalty (Couple's Corner)

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Trust, Faith & Loyalty - these we have for each other the moment both of us decided to get married and was solemnized during our wedding.

Do we trust each other? I do, and I believe he trust me as well. The moment we started dating, I've given my full trust on him, that he'll keep me safe, he'll be good to me and that he won't hurt me - emotionally, intellectually and physically. I trust him that he'll be able to fulfill his promises not just to me but to our kids as well, the family as a whole. I trust him that he'll be a good provider. The same way that he trust me to be able give care to the family, to manage the finances especially the money he hands me every payday.

Faith and Loyalty goes hand in hand. Most often than not, it is the male spouse who abuse this values but this also hold true with the female spouse. If we demand this from them, we too must be able to offer the same to them.

There are times though that I feel that these three values are being tested on our relationship. Not that my husband is a chickboy, my fear lies on the female species. My husband though handsome isn't really that drop-dead gorgeous guy. He is though a very kind person in and out. It is the kindness and goodness in him that gets some other ladies attention. Yes, this has happened to us, and in a situation like this, I immediately talk to my husband regarding the matter. He, being a dense person (as he admits it) doesn't really pay attention to these kinds of situation, as he often says. And to pacify me, he'll often remind me of the life that he had when his father left them. He keeps on telling me that he doesn't want our children to experience the life that he had.

There are situations also that doesn't involve people, instead its about circumstances that arises from previous actions or situations. Just like dealing with incidents involving a person or people, we immediately try to resolve issues to avoid the worsening of the situation.

Besides, I'm the person who doesn't check his wallet or question his expenses. Although I do want to know where his whereabouts not for some selfish reasons but for more practical reasons - I want to know his whereabouts for emergency purposes, we can't really say when accidents happen. I give him his freedom to prove that there's no reason for me to be jealous.

Often times we remind each other of the promises and vows me made to and for each other with our family, friends and the Almighty as our witnesses.

With all that in mind, I give my full confidence to the person I accepted to be with for the rest of my life.


niko said...

aw naman whatta entry... i can feel how much you love and trust each other girl. .. keep the love alive! :)

hahai.ponce said...

thanks Niko!

Mommy Liz said...

Sorry, I was gone over the weekend and was sick all day Monday.

I agree on what you said, you trust your husband, but you don't trust the female species around him, I guess your hubby and mine are the same in a way that they are not drop dead gorgeous, but because they are kind and humorous, they can get women's attention without knowing it. As long as we have trust, faith, love and loyalty, we really don't have anything to worry about, and of course we both need to practice it not just one party..

Have a great day and see you for the next topic.