Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snack Time at Mommy Moments

My husband and tries very hard to eat healthy even during snack time. Usually we bring home made sandwiches to our work for our morning snacks and go to the nearest banana-que stand for afternoon snacks.

This we try to instill the same practice to our children especially Leon who is already a toddler. So far, I'm very proud that our Leon is following suit. Lik
e normal children does, he too asks for some junk foods available in the local sari-sari store or the supermarket. But once purchased, he isn't the child who'd crumble for it, sometimes he leaves the pack on the table unopened. Once opened, he just get a few pieces and leaves the rest to for us to finish.

Leon normally eats cereals for his morning snacks followed by a bottle of milk. For his afternoon snacks, he normally ask for rice and viand or waits for the man selling corn to pass by....talking of carbo loading. Yes, Leon as young as he is, eats healthy even during snack time. Leon isn't much into ice cream, he likes the cones more than the ice cream itself. He's into cakes and chocolate drink, too. I really really hope and pray that his food habits remain as he grows up.eating up his ice cream cone ate the ice cream first

he says latey..for chocolaty
Leon loves Selecta Moo he calls it cow

eating up his 2nd slice of cake during
his yaya's birthday

Little Maia on the other hand gobbles more than enough milk for her in-between meals nourishment. She's started eating baby cereals already and asks for more if she's given her favorite Wheat Banana flavored cereal. Her second favorite is the Mixed Vegetable variant. We've been introducing fresh fruits to her as well. So far she's liking what we're preparing for her. I hope, too, that she'll be like his Kuya Leon in terms of eating habits.

Maia's first solid food...cereals

mommy moments


simply kim said...

oh yes, you're right! considering how difficult it is to get other kids to eat healthful food..

hahai.ponce said...

thanks Kim for droppin by...

I'm in my mom's shoes now! I can remember her insisting that we eat healthy. Good thing Leon is doing good, crossing my fingers still until, I guess he's old enough to know the importance of good food...same with Maia.