Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Talk#1: Inside my shower loot

I've come across Nicoganda's blog site via Dee. I had fun posting a blog on 'What's inside my wallet', though I know I won't have the chance to grab the $20 she's giving out.

So much into it, I'm now blogging about what's inside my shower loot, ahaha, just for fun...

Here it goes...
1) Olay bath soap
2) Ponds White Beauty facial foam (Pink White Glow)

3) Avon Simply Delicate fem was (Calming)
4) Clear shampoo (Ice Cool)
5) Clear conditioner (Ice Cool)

6) Victoria's Secret Body Wash (Amber Romance)
7) Infusium 23 leave-in hair treatment
8) Ponds lightening cream
9) Bath & Body works lotion (Coconut Lime Verbene)
10) Block & White deodorant (Milk), and

11) comb

That's it, really really fun doing this.

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