Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to Work!

I've gone back to work last Friday. An unusual day to start work since its normally the last day of the (work) week. Though I have leave credits, I opt not to avail of it this time to save it for more important reasons in the future.

As expected there's plenty of work waiting for me to be done. What I did though was to clean and clear my table so I can start anew today.

As much as there's so much to do, I've been going home during lunchtime to breastfeed Maia and to eat lunch with Leon. Same thing also applies in the afternoon, I'll try my best to go home after an 8 hour work primarily to be able to feed Maia and prepare dinner for the family. Though we do have somebody to help me out in the household.

Being a working mom, it taught me to manage my time. Making sure that bits and pieces are taken cared of despite the hectic schedule.

And there's trying to squeeze in doing my cross-stitch project as well as blogging and visiting my social networking sites.

The work that I do entails me only 8 hours, but motherhood and housekeeping is a 24/7 job. I do rest though, by 12 midnight I try to get my needed rest for the next day's activities.

This is not complaining by the way, in fact I'm enjoying what's going on now :)... love it!

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