Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Jon Angelo

A friend of mine shared a video of a child with Hypoxic Ischemic Encelophathy. At first I didn't check it out, my internet connection is always intermittent. Viewing a video will entail so much time and with the possibility of not being able to view it at all. In which case is true because until this moment I haven't really watched it. Instead I followed him in his Facebook account and also in blogspot. On both sites you'll see pictures of him, his condition and the people supporting his fight.

The child is baby Jon Angelo Viado. He is barely 1 year & 7 months old yet with his age, he has been confined in the hospital for more than 10 times already. Even if I haven't viewed the video, I knew the baby needs help and, yet looking at his picture I also thought that this baby is quite a fighter, going through his condition is tough.

Looking at his pictures makes my heart sink, being a mother and having a son almost his age, a little older though. I just can't imagine the difficulty his parents go through with him. But again, a parent will always do everything for his child no matter how difficult it will be.

His condition also made me realize to be more thankful to the Lord for giving us 2 healthy babies. It will always remind me to stop bickering about the difficulties I go through handling 2 kids. Mine is way too easy as compared to Jon Angelo's parents, his mom most specially.

Baby Jon's condition also is a constant reminder for us to treasure the gift of life. Love our life. Some people, kids and babies for that matter goes through some ordeals in life yet they fight to survive, some of us wastes our lives.

In instances like this, I wish I have more in life so I can share some to people really in dire need. But with what I only have, I've ordered 2 bracelets, share his link to my network of friends and blog about him so that more people can help him and his family. Although his case has been featured in local television via the prime time news.

Let us support the "Breathe Hope Campaign" by buying their breathe hope bracelets. This will help his family raise funds to buy him his own life support machine.

My prayers are always with you, baby Jon.

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