Saturday, June 12, 2010

Father's Day

Father's day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June and for this year, it will be on the 20th. What can we give our husbands, being the father of our children, same also to our fathers and some of our brothers...sometimes even to some mothers who stand as fathers as well and some people who acts as fathers to others?

Here are a few suggestions that might help us decide to give as gifts to the Fathers in our lives:

1. A personalized Father's day greeting card - allow or guide our children in making one for their dad. The cards will be more special as it was personally crafted by their children or wife.

2. Cook him his favorite food - a special meal prepared with love and honor for one, if not the most special person in our life. To make it more special, add a twist to his favorite dish.

Since it's a Sunday, for most of us, we go to church, offer some prayers of thanksgiving for him then treat him to his favorite restaurant, less hassle for the wife and more time to spend with the family on his special day.

4. If he is a pet-lover, give him a puppy or cat, cuddly beings that are able to show their affection to their owners.

5. Plants, flowering of fruit-bearing - this reminds me of my Papang, who will appreciate this so much if he's still with us.

6. Men are gadget-people, if you can afford, gift them with the most latest in cellular phones or laptops, iPods and/or iPads, digital camera, you just have to know what he's up to in terms of gadget.

7. Give his car a good clean. Have it car-washed or if you may do it yourself, go ahead, he'll surely appreciate it.

These are just a few suggestions to make the "dad
s" in our lives special. But the best thing our fathers can receive from us is our unconditional love and respect for them. No matter who or what they are, they are an integral part of who and what we are now.

To my grandfather and my Papang, who are both angels in my life, hovering above us, guiding and taking care of us Happy Father's Day, we miss you!

and to my husband, who is such a wonderful father to our 2 children, a good provider, a disciplinarian, a spoiler, a friend, someone who will love and take good care of us no matter what, a dedicated husband and father, Happy Father's Day!!!


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