Friday, June 11, 2010

Gallbladder Polyps

I've never heard of gallbladder polyps until recently, my brother was diagnosed to having it. I've heard of gall stones so many times but not gallbladder polyps. He is going through various laboratory procedures before undergoing operation.

Gallbladder polyps, as explained by his doctor is an uncommon findings for his age range, normally it occurs mostly in men aged between 60-70 years old. Even for this age group, gallbladder polyps is relatively an uncommon sickness or problem if I may call it.

There are different types of polyps that may occur in the gallbladder but the most common is the Polypoid Cholesterolosis. This is often multiple small filling defects and does not become malignant or cancerous. The polyp that forms in the bladder is made from excess amounts of cholesterol and are associated with gall stones. Before, I only knew that excess cholesterol affects the heart, one of the body's major organs. But learning about the disease now, excessive cholesterol also hurts the gallbladder.

As advised by his doctor, he will have to undergo operation to remove his gallbladder. For normal people, the tendency is for us to freak out since it'll be a major operation. Yes, though it's going to be a major operation, this should not make us worry. As what I've learned in college and in some articles I've read, gallbladder is one of the human body's accessory organs.

Accessory organs are organs which we can do without, meaning we can still live a normal life without any of them, unlike of course the major organs of the body. Though, of course, accessory organs do have their roles in the body, God wouldn't put it in there for no reason at all. Gallbladder serves as storage for bile being secreted by the liver. Bile is used in the small intestine to help in the breakdown of fats in the meals we consume. Another function of the bile is it helps remove toxins from the liver.

With the absence of the gallbladder and even with the presence of it, learning about this disease, we should be more disciplined in our eating habits, not just what we eat but when and how often we eat and how we eat the food that we eat, geared towards a more healthy lifestyle.

After the operation, though, the polyps are still going to be examined. We're just hoping that the type of gallbladder polyps that occurred to my brother is not the cancerous one.

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