Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day celebration

How did we celebrate Father's day?

Since it's Sunday, as we normally do and together with my mom, we went to my in-laws to have our lunch there and since it's Father's day, I offered to buy some ice cream for all of us to celebrate the occasion and for my husband, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law.

We stayed for an hour or so. As usual, our son played with his cousins. But today, he played more with his Lolo Alan, which caught our attention. He was so fond of his Lolo than usual, sitting on his lap, pulling a chair to sit in front of him, playing with his toy cars with his Lolo.

The sight made me think of my father. Had he be still alive today, they might be super buddies with my son, I good reason is my son is the only grandson in my family's side.

We then went to drop off my parents-in-law in one of the malls in Quezon City for their date. We then proceed to hear the 4pm mass at the St. Paul the Apostle Parish, also in Quezon City. I was personally glad to have heard mass there today. The priest not only greeted the fathers who were there but also requested them to go to the altar to receive his blessings. So today, my husband is again blessed.

From there we went to buy our gift for my husband...a pair of sneakers of his choice (that's how we are, we buy presents not to surprise each other but rather we buy presents that we want to remember that it was given to us by each other). As other men, my husband loves shoes but what makes him uniquely different from other men is that despite loving shoes, he only has a few pairs. Why? because, since he likes the shoes so much that he wears it till it tears. This new pair will replace his current fave pair - which lasted for a year!

And instead of dining out, my husband opted to go home early than usual to give him ample time to cook his favorite dish, tuna spaghetti!

Today wasn't really the perfect day for the father in our family...he even woke up early to have the transformer of the ref replaced and was "on call" in case my brother decides to be brought to the hospital due to his excruciating gallbladder-related pain.

So how did we spend Father's day? We spent it with my husband's loved ones - not so much of the extravagance but more of the quality time together and with the day's glitches, it makes it one Father's day to remember.

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