Monday, June 14, 2010

The Garden of the Divine Word

This coming July 9 is my father's 3rd death anniversary and we are now contemplating of transferring his ashes to his permanent resting place - a memorial vault.

I guess my mom has moved on and is now ready of letting go. Letting go in the sense that she now has accepted the fact that our dear father has long gone and is now in peace with his Creator. Some enlightenment were also bestowed upon us by an uncle, telling us to move on. Keeping his ashes at home with us makes us cling to the past, making it difficult for us to move forward.

It has been one of my plans to put my father in his final resting place but I really did not put any efforts on it.

Coincidence maybe, but a few Sundays ago, after hearing mass at the Christ the King Parish, a lady handed my mom a flyer of The Garden of the Divine Word. She did not put any attention to it until we arrived home. Immediately the next day, she requested me to inquire about it, which I did but wasn't too successful in doing so. Until today, since it was a holiday, me, my husband and two kids went to look at the place.

Upon entering the place, I felt the serenity of the garden. At that moment, I already knew, my father will like it there. The garden has a spacious parking area, a dedicated chapel where family members can offer mass for their beloved departed, well-planned, beautifully landscaped garden setting, first class restrooms with special provision for the handicapped, wide handicapped and child-friendly walkways, with several quiet prayer spots. Vaults can accommodate up to 4 standard-sized urns.
Plus, the rate is very reasonable. Even my husband likes the place, plans to get a vault for us just in case the time comes.

We visited a few columbaries as well, some were too expensive and others demanded cash payment.

The flyer was true to it's words, "a Columbary like no other, a modern paradise". The Garden of the Divine Word is within the Christ the King Mission Seminary Compound along E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., in Quezon City

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