Friday, June 18, 2010

What's in my Wallet

I've been too busy with work that I haven't been into blogging for quite a time. Until going into maternity leave that I was able to make use of our pc at home. But not so often as I compete with my 3 year old toddler in the use of the computer and of course, the reason for my maternity leave --- time and attention to our new baby girl.

It's only these past few days that I am able to visit the blogs that I follows. Today, I get to
visit Dee's site and got interested in her A Look in my Wallet blog, which obviously I'm gonna send my entry though I know I don't have the chance to grab the $20 little love from Niko.

So here's mine:I bought this from a friend's garage sale last December 2009. I am into big wallets, I want my bills to be spread out so it'll be easy for me to count how much money I have at a particular time. So what's in it? A few bills, some coins, 1 1 pound coin from my aunt who now resides in the UK (it's my good luck coin), some receipts, bank cards, identification cards, membership cards, a health card, a picture of my son, a pocket calendar, my husband's red cross donor card, a cross in my pocket prayer leaflet, shopping coupons and some raffle stubs that I haven't drop yet. So that's it.

Check out Girls Talk for other blogger's wallets.


niko said...

nice ng design ng wallet mo girl!! big and spacious.. daming pwedeng ilagay noh? hihi

bdw, next Thursday will be my last stint as the host of Girls Talk, I shall see you with your post on what’s inside your bag.. can’t wait to see your fab bag actually.. =)

please stay tuned for the revelation on who will be the new host and the new home of GT starting july.. but I still will be joining GT so I shall not miss your post!

Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Happy weekend girl!

niko said...

hi thanks for the info of dra garcia.. does she work in lasalle hospital dasma??

thanks a bunch!! will contact her soon..

hahai.ponce said...

Thanks for liking my wallet...kulang na lang strap, pwede na maging bag hehehe...

re: Dra. Garcia, I'm not sure if she's connected with LaSalle Dasma, I'll try asking her.

Happy Weekend and Happy Father's day to the fathers in your life :D