Monday, June 21, 2010

During my maternity leave

I'm a working mom. One of the privileges of being employed is going on a maternity leave which I'm availing of since I gave birth to our daughter last April 8. But it'll soon end, as I am going back to work this coming Friday, June 25.

Looking back, what have a done during the almost 3 months leave?

Aside from recovering from a repeated C-Section (I had the same with our eldest son), which was fast and of course taking good care of our newborn - she's gaining weight fast, making her more cuddly, I was able to attend to most household chores hands-on! I missed tending the house, making sure that it's clean and sanitized not just for the newborn but for all of us. It's quite a challenge though because our house is an old one and you can just imagine the wear and tear.

It gave me time to plan on what to do with the house. The house is of my mom's and since we're leaving in it for free, though we do give our share for the utilities and basic commodities. We're thankful to my mom for allowing us to stay in her house, renting nowadays is quite expensive. Though it is still an option but we often come to realize the practical side of it - paying a monthly rent and yet the house will not be ours no matter what. What we're doing is to do our share of improvements in the house - there goes the money that's supposedly a rent equivalent. We've done the ceiling and replacement of electrical connections, what's next? There's a lot in tow - a repaint, renovation of toilet and bath, renovation of dining area, those are just a few.

Checking on the expenses versus the savings is another task I was able to do while on maternity leave. Given some considerations, we are still a young couple and are both striving for our future. Having already 2 kids as planned, we off to the next step. The next step which are saving and paying for their education, buying our own house and making it our home. Again, these are just the 2 major plans, there are still more in the list. Both of us are off to doing well in our respective fields to be able to provide well for our family and share some to our parents.

I had enough time to attend to my personal needs as well. I had the "me time" which I missed so much. I was able to pamper myself, had a regular nails and a hair care, I'm off to a facial care soon :) Finished 2 cross stitch designs and currently doing another one now. The first two are gifts to two couple friends who tied the knot. Cross-stitching might be a career for me once I've decided to stop going to work.

Attending to pertinent documents and organizing family pictures were also done. We were able to have our daughter baptized already. These are some matters I planned to accomplish before I go back to work.

Most important though is the time I'm spending with our children, both equally important. For Maia's growing needs, she's still too dependent on me for her sustenance. And for Leon who is missing my attention since I got pregnant (had a difficult one) and was busy with work as well. Now is my time to catch up with him. I'm thankful though that even at his young age understands the situation.

Motherhood is definitely a 24/7 job, a career that I love so much and is very much into it. No need for a dictionary to explain it well, just talk to a mom.

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